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Beedi, Beer & Bakwas: Black Money & Swiss Banks

26, Nov 2012 By idiot420

Zindabad Zindabad And Zindabad ,

Welcome you all to our lovely chat show “Beedi, Beer & Bakwas”. First of all i would like to apologize for 5 mnt delay in beginning of the program. Actually we had a minor raid of IT department at our office for over accumulation of garbage in our dustbin. Hahahaha, ya these days IT people are very active, thanks to Kejriwal . The only thing i am shocked about is i don’t know why they were searching over accumulated garbage rather than searching for black money.

Well coming to the topic, today we will talk about black money and Swiss banks.

And to carry this discussion forward today we have a special guest on our show. He is a freelance motivational speaker Mr. Boka chaturvedi. Before trying his luck as motivational speaker he has also served famous International I-Bank Iron-man-Sachs.

A: So, Welcome to our show Mr. Boka Chaturvedi jee .

B: Thanks.

A: Just explain us, what “Black money” is ?

B: First of all don’t talk like a racist, “black”,”white”, “rich,”poor” . Don’t you guys have other topics to talk about. I have to say only one thing. It’s all in our mind and nothing else. Our ancestors invented money and what we returned them in favour . Tell me, tell me what we gave back ? Nothing,we just divided that into black and white .

A: Mr. Boka you are getting philosophical, i just asked for definition of Black Money .

B: Can i get a glass of water ?

A: Sure, why not .

B:(Boka jee drinks water cautiously and stared two times at anchor while finishing the glass and start talking while wiping his mouth) : It’s a conspiracy of mango population to defame successful people. To make themselves successful they read Shiv Khera books and when someone gets the success they start pulling their legs .

A: So indirectly you are blaming Shiv kheda and other motivational speakers for corruption ?

B: Corruption ? How dare you to call that corruption, that’s the way intelligent people make money and fool people cry over that . I would like to quote one of Shiv khera’s one liners here “winners see the gain; losers see the pain.”

A: But why these so called intelligent people are getting caught while making money through scams ?

B: Those who are getting caught are comparatively less intelligent than the top ones . “A well corrupt person don’t do different scams,they do scams differently” . I will tell the caught idiots to learn something from their peers . A: It’s quite strange to see your point of view over this whole issue Mr.Boka ?

B: Hahahaaa….. So middle class Mr. Anchor , look Swiss bank account holders will always be a topic of discussion among SBI account holders .Mark my words and actually this is what corruption stars like most, “the attention that they get through scams” . Earning money silently don’t give them fame, but getting caught gives them exactly what they want . They already have money and after scams are surfaced they get name and fame too . Then by use of that money they get rid of cases and by the end of that they are happily rich and famous guys, playing golf at some european resort . Now this is called “Live life king size” . Not like crying mango people, hiding like a bunch of idiots behind “Anna Hazaare” .

A: You are calling mango people a “Bunch of Idiots” ?

B: Yes they are, they are ….. these Shiv Khera reader mango population is just sitting on a compressed spring holding “anti corruption flag” . The moment they will get chance to be corrupt, they will leave the flag and will be shooted straight up in the air .

A: Okkk… interesting view points …. hmmm so Mr. Boka what are your views of the huge unaccounted wealth accumulated over seas in tax heavens ?

B: Hmmmm…. this time u didn’t called that Black Money ?

A: Heehehe….. your views have created a little respect for them in my heart too (winking)

B: Hahahaha…… Ok, coming to your previous question . The money accumulated in swiss banks is a kind of saving accounts for country maintained by different patriotic politicians and bureaucrats . Saving this money was very important when country was in bad economic condition . If today this money is retrieved back it could amount to trillion of dollars and it will help india to establish itself as a superpower and compete against the giant economies like US and China . It is because of foresightedness of indian politicians we will be getting such a huge amount of cash , so greater the swiss bank balance amount of the politician more blessings he will get from country . And i demand to give Bharat Ratn title to the person having largest account balance .

(Now news anchor falls on feet of Mr. Boka Chaturvedi)

A: Hey mighty Guru jee, where were you . You opened my eyes .

B: Don’t worry child, better late than never . I wan’t to say just one thing “Hamein masjid me sharab peene de ae ghalib,warna aisi jagah bata jahaan khuda na ho” . Black money is omnipresent like God, respect it.