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BBC journalist sacked for writing good about India

26, Jul 2015 By Rohit Ballurgi

Robert Peston, 38, BBC India editor, is sacked from BBC, for allegedly writing an article, praising India, and publishing it on BBC mainstream.

The article titled ‘Glorious India,’ referenced, “country’s cultural heritage, growing economy, incredibly skilled man power, country’s success in space research, country’s dominancy at Wimbledon this year, and the potential role that India is going to play at the global stage.”

Sacked BBC journalist

In his article, Mr. Peston has endorsed Mr. Tharoor’s viewpoint, “Britain owes reparations to her former colony India.”

As this article went online last Friday, the article received millions of likes within an hour, before BBC removed the article from its portal.

Sacking of Robert has triggered huge outrage in India and other parts of the world.

The outraged Indian Journalist and editor in Chief of ‘Times Now’, Mr Arnab Goswami has condemned the incident in the strongest possible words.

Mr. Arnab Goswami, has offered Mr. Robert Peston, a top level position in Times Now. However, Mr. Robert Peston has not accepted the offer yet.

“We (British and other International news agencies) have clear instructions from British parliament, that, we are not supposed to publish any reports about India, which highlights good aspects of the country. In case if we can’t suppress such news, we are instructed to polish and highlight some negativity in it or twist the news,” said Mr Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC.

“What Mr Robert Peston has done is the breach of employment contract, and it can’t be tolerated,” Mr Tony Hall further added.

Some of very recent reports from BBC, which are edited barefacedly, making sure Indians are not proclaimed.

“Hingis won Wimbledon mixed doubles too”

“Martina Hingis ends long wait for SW19 title”

“Poverty-stricken India makes their way to Mars”

These articles were originally submitted with the titles as,

“Paes, Hingis win mixed doubles title”

“Mirza and Hingis win women doubles title”

“India launches spacecraft to Mars”

Some of recent ‘anti-India’ articles from BBC

“Bluetooth to bribery: Five ingenious ways Indians cheat”

“For a country aspiring for super power status, lack of toilets is an enduring shame”

And we still remember, BBC had refused to apologize for ‘tasteless’ top gear India special that sparked a diplomatic row and complaints across the globe.