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Based on recent experience, Arnab’s "The Newshour" converted to medical reality show for politicians

27, Oct 2014 By MRP

Mumbai. Last Wednesday’s episode of Arnab’s The Newshour about Robert Vadra’s land deal, in which Subramanian Swamy of BJP and Randeep Singh Surjewala of Congress revealed medical conditions of each other, boosted the program’s TRP manifold.

arnab goswami
“What’s your problem sir?”

On this episode, Subramanian Swamy said that Sujrewala suffers from verbal diarrhoea and Sujrewala in turn said Swamy suffers from loose motion. (Not faking this. It really happened. Watch it if you missed the live telecast.)

Realizing immense public interest in the medical condition of political leaders, Arnab quickly converted the program into a reality show for discussing politicians’ medical problems.

Arnab explained, “It never occurred to me all these days that even politicians are human beings, who would have medical problems. Last Wednesday, as I had throat infection and so spoke less than usual, something unusual happened. Two panellists, Swamy and Sujrewala started discussing each other’s health issues. Swamy showed concern for Sujrewala’s diarrhoea and Sujrewala showed concern for Swamy’s loose motion. Then Swamy revealed that Sujrewala was brainless and Sujrewala revealed that Swamy was mad. This was both shocking as well as an eye-opener for me. I did not know any of this about these two gentlemen. In the past some panellists had suggested that some other panellists were mad and had to be taken to the mental hospital, etc., but I had not taken it seriously. Now the program is going to be dedicated to help politicians suffering from medical issues. As a tribute to both Swamy and Sujrewala, the first episode in the new format has just the two of them on the panel, continuing their discussion. Here is a teaser of the program, if you want to see.”

Arnab : Good evening Mr. Swamy and Mr. Sujrewala. Thanks for being back on my show.

Swamy : Good evening. I wanted to be back. I wanted to set my medical record straight.

Sujrewala : Good evening. I had to be back. I wanted to settle scores.

Swamy : Oh you brainless fellow. You are back! How is your diarrhoea?

Sujrewala : Yes I am back, mad man. It is not as bad as your loose motion.

Arnab :…one sec.

Swamy : Why don’t you take some medicine and cure yourself?

Sujrewala : I have already done that. But you will never be cured.

Arnab : Gentlemen……one sec.

Swamy : Being in the Congress you will get it again.

Sujrewala : The party has got nothing to do with my health problem. I am fully cured.

Arnab : Mr. Sujrewala…..are you saying Swamy is lying?

Swamy : I am not lying. I have documents to prove it. I have Sujrewala’s lab report. I can prove it in the court of law.

Arnab : Mr. Swamy…then is Mr. Sujrewala lying about your loose motion.

Sujrewala : No way am I lying. I have counted how many times he visited the toilet.

Arnab : Mr. Swamy…is this acceptable to you? Anyway…how many times was it.

Swamy : (Laughs) Ha Ha Ha…I have no problem at all. He is lying.

Arnab : No Mr. Swamy….tell me…how many times was it? The nation wants to know.

Swamy : I have no problem at all. Ask Sujrewala about his problem. Ask him how many times he visited the toilet. I can sue him for making false statements about my health… that too in public, on national television.

Sujrewala : I can sue you too, for accessing my medical report clandestinely.

Arnab : Gentlemen…gentlemen…let us take a break here. Viewers….We will be back with more on the matter. Mr. Swamy and Mr. Sujrewala…you two can use the toilet in the meantime. One at a time please.”

The full episode is going to be aired shortly.