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Arnab Rahul face-off in tweets

28, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

It all started with a huge hype building into the interview. The streets usually so crowded wore a deserted look, last time witnessed when there were rumours of Tarun Tejpal taking a stroll. Everybody was glued on to there television sets.

Mumbai Streets
Mumbai Streets

And then the clock struck 9. The Gandhi scion began with a bang and was in full form. Almost immediately he put the question back at Arnab.

He talked about changing system, empowering women and all with elan.

Just when rumors of it being a paid and sponsored interview began doing the rounds, Arnab came back in form and began asking questions at a pace faster that Dale Steyn.

And then Rahul began to flounder as the questions got little difficult.

Midway it became clear why Congress high command must have agreed for the interview

In the end what everybody got in response to anything being asked was a standard answer with few jargons thrown here and there.

With Arnab again going soft and Rahul bringing in family at drop of the hat and getting emotional, people wondered if they were watching wrong show.

But Rahul Gandhi’s bravery and guts to face Arnab were not to be left unrewarded.

There was also consolation prize for Arnab.