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Arnab not happy with PM's speech, PM depressed

15, Aug 2014 By mrbhat

New Delhi: As soon as the Independence Day speech by Prime Minster Narendra Modi concluded, Arnab Goswami in his Times Now studio announced that he was not very happy with PM’s speech. He said, “This is not a big bang speech!”

Narendra Modi
A deeply distressed Modi who desperately wanted approval from Arnab

This comment reached the PM within no time and it is reported that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now deeply in depression.

Even the patriots sitting in front of Red Fort and TVs, who thought PM’s speech was inspirational and were into tears while standing up for National Anthem, soon went into depression after hearing Arnab’s comments.

“We thought we were inspired by Modi. But what did we know? Arnab didn’t approve PM’s speech! Obviously now we are all depressed, Modi failed!” was one of the comments who participated in Red Fort function.

Not only those present at Red Fort, reports from across the country suggest that people who were upbeat till Modi’s speech was ongoing, were suddenly depressed as soon as the TV telecast of the Red Fort concluded and Arnab’s discussion started.

Now all these citizens  are planning to write to the Prime Minister and ask him to stop all work and listen to Arnab Goswami every day and EVERY NIGHT to become acceptable to the society.