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Arnab made PM and nation rejoices

23, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

All these days it was only the Nation that wanted to know and had to wait patiently till 9pm everyday for Arnab to provide the answers. Suddenly our honorable MPs also want to know many things, particularly from the PM.

The PM’s continued silence and lack of response has surprised one and all, including the Nation.  Shocked, by this turn of events the Congress think tank announced in a state of mind, a game changer for the Nation.

Drawing on the skills of Rajeev Shukla and ably assisted by his BCCI colleague Arun Jaitely, Dr.MMS was persuaded to step aside till the son –in law of the Congress gets a clean chit and then return to the PM’s seat after the 2014 elections. Fully well realizing the outcome of both these events, MMS uttered a meek ‘Theek Hai’ and stepped aside.

To fill this vacancy Arnab was elected as Rajya Sabha member under the ‘Media quota’, and sworn in as PM of the Nation. The reactions and response was immediate. The INR fearing an onslaught on why it tumbled appreciated to 45 against the dollar and the Sensex reached parity with gold by hitting the 30000 mark!! The DMK, SP and BSP joined the UPA without any pre conditions like Lankan Tamils, Durga Nagpal , Taj corridor etc.

Basking in the glory of this stupendous effort, a member of the Think tank revealed the reason as to why the choice of Arnab as PM was appropriate. Always armed with a sheaf of papers, Arnab silences the panelists and corners them with their own misdeeds in 1988, 1998 or 2008.These very same virtues and qualities would come handy in the Parliament to tackle MP’s who have of late become unruly by demanding to know more about the Nation.

As a part of this momentous game changer, a joint session of Parliament was called. It was chaired by Jagdambika Pal, since both Meira Kumar and Hamid Ansari recused themselves, as they also wanted to know many things. Arnab entered the House to a standing ovation from the UPA members and customary greetings from others. The House proceedings started and members were allowed to ask one question at a time according to their seating order. Starting with Sushmaji and meandering through Maitreyan the questions ended with a bearded sadhu in the last row.

However the House was stunned because Arnab did not utter a single word. He was found staring alternately at the clock and TV camera behind the Speaker. Sensing something wrong, Medical experts were called in, but were unable to find the cause for Arnab’s strange behaviour.

Vinod Sharma and Chandan Mitra, the other members from the Media quota volunteered to help. After 15 minutes they pronounced their diagnosis. They said that Arnab and his vocal chords get activated only at 9pm and not before that and if the MP’s and the Nation want to know anything they have to wait till 9pm.

MMS was heard asking whether he can be PM till 9 PM!!

And the Nation wanted to ………….???