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Arnab Goswami's venture Republic is all set to be the fifth pillar of democracy: Big blow to NDTV

18, Jan 2017 By suraj awasthi

Arnab’s new venture Republic, the most awaited news channel is all set to be aired on 26 January, the channel has already taken everyone by surprise when the inside story about Republic to be India’s First Mute channel was unfolded by Faking news. Apart from this Arnab’s Republic will be based on Dual Time Multiplexing, through this Arnab aims to address global and national audience in a time frame manner.

This Time-Multiplexing concept would be completely alien thing for the news world; Global footprint of any Indian news channel was void by this he aims to demolish the hegemony of CNN, BBC like western houses. When asked by our reporter why he didn’t apply this concept to TIMES NOW when he himself was editor in chief, he replied, it would have too early for world to handle someone like me.

Going by the Multiplexing concept, from 6 am to 11 pm the channel will broadcast national news from 11 pm to 5:59 am, news will be broadcast taking global audience perspective, rest of the time the only anchor of news channel will rest.

For the post of anchor, the only anchor, Arnab has laid out some basic requirements, like candidate should be from Guwahati, Aged 43 years, should be of height 1.8 meters, need to have defense background, k.v. prodigy, should have ability to engage with large number of panelist and can over shout all of them simultaneously. Can talk nonsense continuously, can give heart attack to cardio patient. Can make deaf to hear, and can even make sister Shivani (from Bharmakumari) get angry. Last but must, a die heart fan of Indian Army.

Faking News has learned that these requirements were later set after Arnab started getting calls from some unusual people. An ex consulting editor of NDTV India, also attributed as sympathizer for stone pelters, JNU Azadi gang, Award Wapsi gang and allegedly involvement in Radia tapes had contacted Arnab for this post but was denied for the reason best known to him only, she said these requirement are laid out to outcast all the secular journalist.

When speaking to Faking News Arnab was very confident about Republic at success, he claims that in the coming days the Republic will be the fifth pillar of Democracy which is now in the alleged grip of NDTV India and has given certain prediction as, Republic First week TRP would be seven thousand three hundred seventy four (7374%) more than all English News channels and five hundred seventy three (573%) from than that of TIMES NOW. Indeed tough days coming for FK.