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Arnab Goswami's Super Prime-Time Debate: Kejriwal v/s Rahul Gandhi

07, Feb 2014 By richa1007

For the 1st time ever on any news channel we have the top two leaders of our country in an interview together. On Times Now Super PrimeTime, Arnab Goswami face to face with Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal.

Arnab: Good evening gentlemen… Rahul: We brought in RTI !! Arnab: ?? Mr. Gandhi I haven’t started asking the questions yet. Rahul: *blank*

Arnab: Yes, Good evening gentlemen. I have two of the most influential people in the country with with me today. Welcome to the interview Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Gandhi.

So Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, what is your party’s National Agenda?
Arvind: *cough cough*  Hum dharna denge. Janta humare saath hai.
Arnab: (confused) Dharna??? Arvindji main national agenda pooch raha hun.
Arvind: Dharne se nahi hoga toh hum referendum karenge..
Arnab: Par kis cheez ka referendum??!!
Arvind: *cough cough* Humari sarkar corrupt logon se bhari hai.. Humara desh corrupt netas se …
Arnab: (interrupting) Arvindji main aapse national agenda pooch raha hun …
Arvind: Aap media waale har cheez ko ghuma dete hain .. main apna agenda bata raha hun aur aap tokte hi rehte hain..
Arnab: (looking away) … Anywayyy… Mr. Rahul Gandhi, what do you think about AAP? Do they have any agenda?
Rahul: Look.. The fundamental issue is that we got RTI..
(Sanjay Jha whispers from behind the camera): That’s the answer to question number 3 Mr. Gandhi!
Rahul: Oh .. Actually you have to understand Rahul Gandhi first to ask questions.
Arnab: Yes Mr. Gandhi, I can see that! So what is your party’s agenda on national issues?
Rahul: *blank*
Sanjay Jha (whispering): *Question number 7*
Rahul: Oh yes.. We will empower women.. we will empower youth .. and we will empower you!
Arnab: Yes, all that is very well, but HOW do you plan to do that?
Rahul: (pause – rolls eyes here and there) Why don’t you tell me? How will you help the country? No no.. try to answer. What will you do?
Arnab: I ask the questions Mr. Gandhi..
Rahul: But you’re not asking in order yaar!!
Arvind: *scoffs*  Yeh hai humare desh ke neta!
Arnab: So how will you empower women Mr. Kejriwal?
Arvind: *cough cough* Hum anshan pe baithenge.. Auratien wahaan aayengi toh sab surakshit rahengi.. no rape matlab full empowerment. Hum free mein paani bhi pilayenge!
Arnab: Aur Somnath Bharti ka kya? Aap usse party se nikalenge?
Arvind: *cough cough**cough cough**cough cough**cough cough**cough cough*
Arnab: Mr. Gandhi, how do you plan to develop the nation?
Rahul: You see India is an energy.. Actually the real answer is that India is a beehive.. And also a boat. It is a boat which has to be steered by women. And women can only steer the boat if they are empowered.
Sanjay Jha: *clapping* Lovely Mr. Gandhi!
Arnab: What??
Arvind: (interrupting) Free paani de paenge boat pe?? Hum denge.. aur aapse zyada achi quality ka denge!
Arnab: WHAT???
Arvind: Aur bijli ka kya?? Boat pe bijli subsidized rate pe doge?
Arnab: Mr. Kejriwal .. Mr. Kejriwal .. Mr. Kejr….
Arvind: Boat pe VIP room mein mat rehna! Sabke room ek se hone chahiye! Bas mere liye ek 12000 sq feet walla room alag kar dena…
Arnab: What is happening here!?!? One minute.. ONE minute!!!
Rahul: Mr. Kejriwal you see Congress party ek soch’s a state of mind.
Arnab: Gentlemen ONE MINUTE!!!
Rahul: Yes one minute.. Mummy is calling.. can we cut?
Arnab: ??!! .. Thats it. I quit
             *Walks out*