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Arnab Goswami to take blame for defeat of congress party

21, May 2014 By srijankundu

Mr Arnab Goswami , Journalist-e-azam , has decided to take blame for defeat of congress party.

When he asked himself in an exclusive interview, using revolutionary 3D holographic technology, that nation wants to know who is responsible for the defeat of congress party, he replied to himself that it is only he is responsible for that. He believes, that the congress party would never ever ever have defeated if he never had that interview with Rahul Gandhi and dismantle every argument by loyal congressmen like Mr Sujjewala, Mr Sanjay Jha etc .

Moreover, when nation wants to know something, but no one from congress is ready to reply, he felt it is his divine responsibility to come forward. He had also decided to resign from all posts of the congress party, but could not as he had none. This exclusive interview will be aired on 26th May at 6 PM so that He gets the maximum TRP, not Mr Modi, the newly elected prime minister of India, who is going to take oath during that time.