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Arnab Goswami sting operation: Rahul Gandhi is adopted

14, Sep 2013 By theseriousguy

On Friday, Indians all over the world awoke to the news of a press conference being held none other than the irksome talented journalist Arnab Goswami regarding the false identity of Rahul Gandhi.

Arnab is giving inferiority complex even to organizations like CIA and KGB.

If sources are to believed then, Arnab has successfully unearthed hidden documents that confirm that Rahul Gandhi is in fact adopted, and not a real Gandhi.

Contrary to the popular belief, Arnab Goswami’s disappearance was ┬áplanned by the Times Now team in order to carry out the sting operation which has resulted in this shocking discovery.

“Rahul Gandhi is adopted. We found evidence that suggests that he is in fact a Dalit from a backward village in UP. So every time he was busy eating and staying over for the in a UP village that was actually his attempt at discovering his real parents” said a jubilant

Arnab. He added emotionally “All my life I have been asking for answers, now finally I have got one. This is an emotional moment for me.”

The document obtained by The Faking News teams has details of the actual Birth Parents of Rahul Gandhi(Real Name not known). Incredulously, the documents have led the investigators to believe that Rahul Gandhi may in fact be a brother of Mayawati.

“Well, there are a lot of similarities. Both head parties that have been scamming people for a long time, so we can’t rule out a sibling connection there”, said a CBI investigator. Many people have responded by saying that they in fact are not so surprised since, Rahul Gandhi hasn’t really proven his mettle in the field of Politics, and unlike previous congress leaders has no National Schemes to his name.

Following the announcement, the BJP camp has decided to suspend all campaigning activities and instead dedicate all their funds in promoting Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3. Narendra Modi has agreed to perform the role of “The Indian Prime Minister” in both the movies.

For more information, please wait for Arnab Goswami’s return.