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Arnab Goswami shuns Vishwaroopam – dons Dasavataram

02, Mar 2013 By Venkat Parthasarathy

…and then it happened all so suddenly!

The parliament was shaken by the news of the mobile phone tapping row. The snooping row involving the BJP leader Arun Jaitley seemed to be snowballing into a huge controversy after the conspirator reportedly claimed that attempts were made to access the call detail records of over 60 persons, including that of top BJP leaders.

The media lapped it up and soon TV channels announced their dissemination of the same through their “Prime Time” shows at 9 pm. As CNN-IBN, NDTV, Headlines Today, Zee News, ABP News and the rest had booked most of the regulars like the Congress spokespersons, all the opposition spokespersons and socialites, authors, activists, former cricketers and actors, Times Now had left with very little option.

Time was ticking away, at 8.55pm the Times Now studio was still deserted, the “guests” were nowhere in sight. Frantic calls to the “leftovers” seemed to go in vain, even the regional celebrities across the country and the former editors of National newspapers were declining being on the show, none was interested in facing the music of Arnab Goswami.

Suddenly the News Hour producers realised the entire “tv news camera savvy” fraternity had decided to boycott their Chief Arnab Goswami. It was going to be tough convincing the now famous “master of 10 windows”, that he is going to be alone in the studio. The man known for single-handedly shouting down dozens of ‘speakers’ in one breath was to have no ‘company’.

With seconds to go for the News Hour to go “Live”, the producers fearfully approached ‘the Man’ and were in for a pleasant surprise. Arnab Goswami laughed it off. He said “I will handle it all alone”. As the signature tune started playing, the cameramen and audio directors were wondering was Arnab going to be inspired by Doordarshan’s News for the Hearing impaired, will he be able to keep the TRPs going?

All doubts were put to rest as the one-and-only Arnab Goswami known to don the ‘Vishwaroopam’ on his show got inspired by the ‘Dasavataram’ man and decided to go ‘Live’ with dozens of his own earlier video clippings jotting the windows that make up the tv screen – posing questions, fielding queries, debating answers with aplomb.

The entire nation switched to watch The Snoop Scandal – News Hour Debate on ‘Who Tapped Whom’. The show was rocking like never before – for if ever there was anyone who could counter Arnab successfully by shouting him down it was himself and then what best way than to have half a dozen of them rather!

Suddenly all other news channels reported dip in TRPs drastically… Last heard Rajdeep and Barkha were heard seeking appointment with Kamal Haasan

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