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Arnab Goswami reviews Akshay Kumar starer Rustom

14, Aug 2016 By bhasadeswar

Mumbai. One more feather to the already-overloaded hat of Arnab Goswami. He clarified his act and attributed this as a matter of national importance. As per him, the urge to review this movie was even stronger than the urge to interrupt Navika Kumar when she explained Union Budget, Maroof Raza when he explained Pakistan’s nefarious acts or Jai Murg when he explained the election heat map.

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I know this is not my job. No matter how talented I am; I should not try to prove that my designated team of critics cannot review this movie. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you one thing; this is not a movie which I am reviewing this is a matter of national importance and I am very serious about it.

Arnab always talks on phone at this distance. His voice is nicely audible at this distance too
Arnab always talks on phone at this distance. His voice is nicely audible at this distance too

Akshay Kumar, who has proved his patriotism time and again, has done it again. He has proved that his nationalistic fervour is second only to that of mine. After watching his performance I am assured that if someday Major General G D Bakshi cannot perform at NewsHour I do have a backup. I know there would be some budget constraints, however, no price is unjustified for the valiant display of patriotism on national TV.

Ileana D’Cruz, your offense is unforgivable. How can you betray a patriot? No need to answer. I know the reason. You did your masters from JNU; what else can be expected! I dare you to come to NewsHour.

Vikram, you think you are flamboyant but you are not. You are a traitor. You are the forefather of Ottavio Quattrocchi. But Vikram remember one thing; you can never ever ever harm India’s interest . I would request Modi government to bring your house under Armed Force Special Power Act (AFSPA).

I did not like the character of the newspaper owner – Erach Billimoria. I understand that his intention was honourable and he was trying to save a nationalist but petty sensationalisation just for TRP is against journalistic ethics and I shall never encourage that.

CID Inspector Lobo, you are an anti-nationalist. Go and join NDTV.

It was quite evident that jury trial was difficult and required hell lot of moderation which led to its abolishment. Here, I have some suggestions for the Indian Judiciary System. I am doing NewsHour for last 10 years and there has been not a single incident where the panel of experts has overridden my authority. I do one-hour two-hours of debate but my opinion/judgement never changes. I know whats best for my country. If the judiciary is facing logistics issues to accommodate juries; I can rent my studio. We have ample space to accommodate up to 123 experts for any NewsHour debate.

I give 4.5 stars to this movie. I deduct half star as there was no blood-boiling abuse hurled at Pakistan.