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Arnab Goswami interviews Kejriwal, Modi, and Rahul Gandhi

19, Feb 2014 By Anoop Chathoth

Tonight ladies and gentlemen we have the debate this nation has been wanting to watch. On the show we have Arvind Kejriwal , Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi to whom I would be asking 10 questions that this nation wants to know .So we begin. Welcome ArKe, NaMo and RaGa!

Kejriwal Modi Rahul
The nation wants to know many things from them

ArGo : Why did the chicken cross the road? ArKe : To reach Jantar Mantar so that it could sit on a Dharna. NaMo : In Gujarat the roads not only have Zebra crossings we even have Chicken crossings too to enable chickens to cross the road, because we believe in inclusive growth. RaGa: The chicken didn’t actually cross the road. It’s just a state of mind of having this feeling that it has reached the other side.

ArGo: Staying on the question of Chicken my next question to you is, Which came first the chicken or the egg? ArKe : Neither of them, our proposal for the Janlokpal bill came first! NaMo : In Gujarat we don’t discriminate, so we give both of them an opportunity to come together. RaGa : It doesn’t matter which came first. As long as it has a Gandhi surname it will surely go on to lead the Congress.

ArGo : Knock Knock who is there? ArKe : Anna Hazare ; ArGo: Anna who? ; ArKe : Fooled you , this is ArKe thanks for voting for me! NaMo : Modi ; ArGo: Modi who? ; NaMo: Modi , the one who gets to control the CBI next. RaGa : What if I ask you the same question. Knock knock who is there?

ArGo : If you’re traveling at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, what happens? ArKe : That’s a hypothetical question . I travel only in a Wagon R and it doesn’t even cross a 100Km/Hr NaMo : You get the kind of figure which is the growth rate of Gujarat. RaGa : We attain the escape velocity of Jupiter.

ArGo : Can you cry under water? ArKe : If it’s more than 700 liters a day yes you will after seeing the water bill. NaMo : Only if I run over a puppy when I am driving a submarine. RaGa : I can cry anywhere and even make you cry with my sob stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s over or under water.

ArGo : Can you get cornered in a round room? ArKe : I would submit my resignation before that and order an in house enquiry. NaMo : I can’t get cornered even by the SIT. RaGa : Well it depends .If you interview me again on Frankly Speaking yes I can get cornered even in a round room.

ArGo : Who was the second man to walk on the Moon? ArKe : I would appreciate if you stopped asking such silly questions. Anyway the answer is Buzz Aldrin. NaMo : Neil Armstrong if I remember my history correctly. RaGa : Neil Nitin Mukesh, all 3 landed together but I am not sure in which order they stepped out. ArGo: ArKe gets it right, NaMo this isn’t your election rally to distort history and RaGa, boy what can I say!

ArGo : What is the colour of a black box? ArKe : You know I am from IIT.This is just way too simple for my standard. It’s Orange. NaMo : Saffron. RaGa : Hahaha , so easy its black. ArGo : Well ArKe has got this right and I have to say NaMo was quite close and RaGa that’s a wrong answer yet again.

ArGo : Who copyrighted the copyright symbol? ArKe : Mukesh Ambani of course! NaMo : No one has so far but I will once I become the PM. RaGa : I know you are referring to our election slogan “Main Nahin, Hum”, which some say was copied from the BJP.But I am not to be blamed for it, blame the ad agency.

ArGo : My final question .Why should we vote for you? ArKe : If I need to resign as PM, I need to win an election first and if I need to win an election I need your vote. NaMo : Hahaha, does this country even have a choice? RaGa : Because my party just spent Rs 500 Cr for my image makeover and I better win!

ArGo: Thank you ArKe , NaMo and RaGa for coming and taking my questions. The Nation has heard you and now it’s up to them to decide who they want as their next PM.


RaGa : Thank your Arnab , now where is my Koffee Hamper. ArGo : Well this is the wrong show dude! NaMo: Hey RaGa wanna have some Tea instead (evil grin)