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Arnab Goswami interviews himself, gets angry and walks out of his show

21, Apr 2014 By Ankiit Koomar

Noida/Mumbai: Once upon a time, many-many days after the famous Rahul Gandhi interview, there came a day when the great Arnab Goswami was sitting ideal in his newsroom. After conquering every talking soul in his TV studios, he had no one left to conquer. He was like a warrior with no war to fight. Every word-warrior of the time was either defeated or had refused to fight. He was in a situation where he had only two options left: either he could have retired or he could have found someone as impossible as himself. Arnab is a fighter and hence he chose the latter option and decided to interview none other than himself. We managed to get an exclusive transcript of the interview

Arnab1. Good Evening ladies and…. (Interruption)

Arnab2. No one minute, No, No, Mr Goswami, One minute please. What good do u see with this evening Mr Goswami?

Arnab1: See I am an honest journalist.

Arnab2: Does that make this evening good Mr Goswami? Really? Do you really think so? Do u really believe that?

Arnab1: Let me be very direct with you, let me ask a direct …. (Interruption)

Arnab2: No see, Mr Goswami Don’t dodge the question, the question is not about you, you may be an honest and direct person, and I have highest regard for you but tonight the question is this: “who will decide if the evening is good or not”? I think only people of this great nation have the right to answer if the evening is really good or…. (Interruption)

arnab goswami
A furious Arnab firing himself.

Arnab1: One minute, one minute, No, No No, one minute, calm down, calm down, calm down, please, No No, one minute, one minute, I can’t allow this, I can’t allow this

Arnab2: See this is the problem, I won’t over-shout you Mr. Goswami but if you really think that you can influence an honest journalist by giving him a smile and greeting him with a “Good Evening” then let me tell you bluntly, it’s not going to work. It may work with some other journalists wining and dinning during office hours in Delhi Lutyens but not with me. I am not one of … (interruption)

Arnab1: Mr Goswami please calm down, please calm down, no-no, please calm down and thank you. Mr. Goswmai thank you very much for giving this great lecture on journalism, but I am journalist and I am here to ask my questions and here is my question: Many human rights groups have complained about the way you treat a person named Sanjay Jha on your show, now I am not one of those journalists who would allow you to beat around the bush. I will ask the real burning question but before that I will ask my support staff to switch off the air conditioners and coolers so that the heat of the burning question is not diluted. Now answer me Mr Goswami; what is it that makes Mr Jha come back to your show despite facing the inhuman treatment  night after night?

Arnab2: See, my limited point is that I am a serious journalist and I would talk on topics that only make some sense… (Brash Interruption)

Arnab1: What did you say? What did you say Mr Goswami? What did you say about sense? Never ever, ever, ever, ever and hundred times ever use the two words “Sanjay Jha” and Sense together.

Arnab2: And you also Mr Goswami, never ever, ever, ever and thousands times ever give a damn to how a certain Sanjay Jha is treated on my show, at least he gets a better treatment than the treatment your juniors get from you.

Arnab1: Ok-ok! Let’s talk about a person named Rahul Gandhi, allegations are and these are some serious allegations Mr Goswami, that you misused your experience of TV to overpower a newcomer.

Arnab2: That’s a misconception; it was actually them who insisted for the interview. I just … (Interruption)

Arnab1: Wait a second, no, no, no wait a second, no no you have to wait even if you are already waiting. Who is this ‘them’? Who wanted the interview to happen?

Arnab2: Actually we had requested an interview from either PM or Mrs Gandhi but we got a reply from Mr Prime Minister that Rahul Gandhi will be representing him in the interview.

Arnab1: So it was a set-up, Rahul Gandhi was set-up by the PM and you Mr Goswami despite knowing that he was still taking interview classes did not show any mercy to a newcomer? Have you heard the word called heart Mr Goswami? Do you have one Mr Goswami? (Interruption)

Arnab2: Don’t talk about heart, for God’s sake, please don’t. No please, you ask me where was my heart, I ask you where was your conscience? Where was your conscience Mr Goswami when you were interviewing Abhijit Mukherjee?

Arnab1: let’s not be personal here

Arnab2: You are being personal Mr Goswami

Arnab1: No, this is Times Now, I will decide who is being personal,

Arnab2: I am an honest journalist; I can’t allow anyone else to dictate terms. I won’t allow you to allow me anything (Arnab walks off).

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