Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Arnab Goswami Declares War on Pakistan; The News Hour Studio to be the Command Center

11, Jan 2013 By Rohith DSouza

In light of the recent ceasefire & border violations by Pakistan and more importantly our government’s inept action to counter cowardly acts by Pakistan’s military establishment, Arnab Goswami of Times Now has decided to take over the Indian Armed Forces. Many Indians have welcomed this bold move and are confident that Arnab will do a good job because of his feisty experience in The News Room.

In a statement made on his own show, The News Hour last night, Arnab said, “It is about time we showed our neighbors some “love”. Since the Central Government cannot do anything but play the diplomacy card, I will lead our Armed Forces and get back everything Pakistan has taken from us, including Sania Mirza.”

Arnab will be making his war plans from the Studio turned Command Center in a transparent manner by sharing his views on Times Now. The first strategic objective Arnab said he would achieve is to take back PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) and then occupy a few Sq KMs of mainland Pakistan and call it IoP (India occupied Pakistan).

Since no Anchor has the audacity to interview Arnab Goswami, he had no choice but to interview himself. On The News Hour last night Arnab Goswami told Arnab Goswami that having taken a lot of inspiration from the Allied landing on D-Day during World War II on the shores of Normandy, India’s equivalent The A-Day (Arnab Day) landing will be in Rawalpindi. Critics claim that Arnab chose Rawalpindi only because it rhymes with Normandy. Not taking the criticism lightly Arnab said that taking Rawalpindi is of strategic importance to India. He said after taking Rawalpindi, the new LoC will be only 13 KMs from Islamabad and this will bridge the communication gap between India & Pakistan that has existed for decades.

Arnab Goswami is then rumored to move The News Hour studio into IoP (India occupied Pakistan) and conduct his famous war like debates by inviting Generals and Politicians from across the newly established LoC. Whether they garner enough courage to enter The News Hour Studio is yet to be seen.