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Arnab Goswami behind the bars for child molestation

29, Jan 2014 By Bhaukaal Baba

A saddening and shocking incident occurred right after Arnab Goswami interviewed Mr. Pappu Gandhi on his exclusive show “Frankly Shut Up”. Yes, this is true. ¬†Arnab Goswami is in some state of mind that cannot be defined. Arnab was enthusiastically interviewing the fature praim menaceister of some country, Mr. Pappu Gandhi. It was though unclear why Arnab was arrested merely for interviewing a VIP. Our team decided to dig into the facts and they found out why this happened.

Rahul vs Arnab
The interview under scanner

Given that the interview was no difficult than a job interview, Pappu came prepared with answers as dictated by his mother Tonia Gandhi and Shakuni Mama with his guide Pigvijay Singh and Mentor Kapil Notsibal. Pappu claimed that this was the most difficult interview he ever appeared for. This was a notable interview for Arnab as he was going to ask questions directly to the greatest political scion. However things didn’t go as planned. Although Pappu remembered all the answers for the interview, he failed at keeping up at the question numbers resulting which he spat out answers to the wrong questions.

Arnab realised that Pappu does not know the answers but his interrogative instinct didn’t stop him from questioning Pappu. In fact, he increased the difficulty of questions following which Pappu started crying and chanting his mother’s name. The editor, cameraman, spotboys, and the crew on the set asserted that Pappu’s cries were audible. Mango people from Pappu’s political party were enraged on knowing that inspite of Pappu’s innocence and oblivion, Arnab kept asking him questions. The final outcome was Pappu coming out of the Times Then studio hiding his face with bare hands and yelling, “Mai kisi ko muh dikhane layak nahi rahi” (I can never face anyone now).

Disgusted by this, Tonia Gandhi immediately called on for his lawyer and ordered him to get Arnab sued for child molestation and outraging his modesty. An immediate action was taken wherein Arnab Goswami was arrested for multiple charges under section 347 and 354 of IPC ( Indian Pardon Code) for¬†child molestation and outraging someone’s modesty.

Every criminal denies the accusations levied and so did Arnab. Arnab told us, “Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever regard such accusations as true. I’ll fight against this and the day I bail out, I will destroy Pappu’s reputation to the extent of deporting him to the planet where he came from.”, also disclosing a closely guarded secret that Pappu is an alien. He also added, “Arvind Kejriwal, I will also invite you to my show. You better prove that you did graduate from ITI.”

Human Right Activist Teekha Salad has claimed that this is a highly horrifying incident that has shocked the entire nation. She insisted that Arnab Goswami has tried to vocally rape “Desk Ka Beta” by asking him difficult questions. NASA(Satyanash) activists and researchers are demanding that Arnab and Pappu should be handed over to their custody in order to study further regarding aliens and the voice of Arnab Goswami which is loud enough to reach aliens hundreds and thousands and billions and gazillions of light and sound years away from the planet Vyarth.

This incident has left all of us in shock as Times Then would not be able to broadcast their highly infamous shows, “Nation does not want to know” and “Frankly Shut Up”. Arnab’s absence has left a gap in the schedule of Times Then which they are deciding to fill up by airing the adverts of Sandhi Sudha.

Many more truths to be uncovered. Stay tuned with us at Faking News.

Bhaukaal Baba with Comedian Superjatin