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Arnab Goswami beats opera singer in a vocal glass-breaking competition

18, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Milan: Well-known judicial journalist Arnab Goswami has created a record by reportedly becoming the first journalist ever to beat an experienced opera singer in a vocal glass-breaking competition. He was later conferred with the “Pavarotti Award” for 2015 for the magnificent victory.

“Proud Arnab after winning the title.”

Faking News reporters from Italy reached Milan’s Opera house Teatro alla Scala and spoke to the event organizing committee. Here is the transcript of conversation our reporters had with them.

FN Reporter: Hello Mr. Maldini, can you give us more details on the just held glass-breaking competition?

Mr. Maldini: The vocal glass-breaking competition dates back to the 1700s where opera singers broke the toughest of glasses with their vocal power. There were times where only deaf people were invited for the events fearing hearing loss for the normal ones. The tradition continues till date in this historical opera house. Teatro alla Scala!

FN: Thank you Mr. Maldini. Can you give us some information on how aspirants approach you for participating in this competition?

MM: Every year we receive hundreds of entrees with videos of prospect participants’ local performances based on which we choose the top 10 participants. These participants are invited for the finale at our opera house. ‘

FN: This year’s winner Arnab Goswami is in fact, a journalist from India. How did you happen to choose him for the finals?

MM: Our selection panel was impressed with the videos sent by Arnab Goswami. It seemed like they were talk show videos with Arnab shouting at almost a dog’s decibel range. He also sent us a solid proof of what his vocals are capable of.

FN: How do you think he reached the grand final to beat the experienced opera singer?

broken glass
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MM: In the quarters and semis, he broke high quality wine glasses with such ease that even the most seasoned opera singers started worrying about losing to a journalist. In the finals, the target was breaking a wine glass made out of silica nanowires, world’s toughest glass. Arnab started shouting “the opera wants to know” with shrills and shrieks in-between as fillers. In a span of 2 minutes, he caused a cause a 3 cm long crack on the glass and eventually broke it in 5 minutes achieving what no one could in the last 25 years! We have given him a new title, the cords of destruction and felicitated him with Pavarotti Award for 2015.

FN: Mr. Maldini. Thank you very much for your time. We hope the cords of destruction keep breaking your glasses year after year.

Sources say Arnab has already started contemplating a career change to become a lead opera singer and rule the opera houses of Italy.