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Arnab down with sore throat, political class erupts in joy

20, Aug 2013 By sumit

Noted news journalist Arnab Goswami is down with sore throat and he would not be able to host news debates in the prime time for some days.

Hearing this news the political class is found jumping with happiness, even our Prime minister reacted by saying”huh! Theek hai(with a thumbs up).” Multi skilled Rajeev Shukla was spotted on News 24 channel (Rajiv Shukla owns the News24 channel which broadcasts everything except news) dancing to jumping jhapaang tunes along with N.Srinivasan.

Manish Tewari reacted by Saying”I holistically wish Arnab to get well soon, myself on behalf of my party have sent them some corsage of flowers.”

The most affected are the middle class as they are confused about what to do in the prime time. An middle aged IT professional said, “I tried watching Bade ache lagte hain and found out the story is at same place where I left it watching around 2 years back”.

Now he plans to make up with his wife for the times he had not spent with her as was always interested in Arnab’s questions and laughed out loud out at every answers given by Sanjay Jha (Congress Spokesperson). The Times of India has appealed to all the aam aadmi to keep their cool and assured that as soon as Arnab is back, all the back logged issues will raised and answers would be demanded from all the stakeholders, which in the turn of event has sent spine-chill to various parties.

As precautionary efforts, Congress is conducting workshops under Digvijay Singh and their visionary leader Rahul Gandhi for their spokespersons on how to asking back the same question or putting the blame to RSS for all the issues and speak any crap with a straight face to confuse the people of the country.