Monday, 19th February, 2018

Area toilet turned into home

12, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Venus is too hot. Mars is too cold, while Earth is superficially right. We dwell on this vast planet because air, water and sun protect our life here in every way. Earth’s temperatures are appropriate to the man on this living planet. The conditions on both the other two planets like Mars and Venus are not suited to this planet’s inhabitants. If the Mars will shiver us, the Venus will cause the hellish condition. Therefore there is, without doubt, the Earth has an average surface warmth contentedly between boiling point and freezing point of precious water, and this is what we exactly or suitably require for the loving life.

In the very observant light of this climatic acuity, a different kind of story has come to light during the municipal commissioner’s recent inspection here. Novel ideas are always come into human mind and this is surely the most creative one on this vast, wide and open planet. In course of his inspection spree, the energetic officer landed at a community toilet at Sanjay Nagar area here. What was uncovered was arrangement through the Jugaad trick. Once constructed as the community toilet later got developed by one wise dweller in a complete residence with the provision of a kitchen, drawing room and bedroom inside the structure.

It was carrying on since the year of 2013 as the area people revealed on the spot. If the mortal man would find a chance to dwell on the hot Venus he would surely change its climate by his witty mind. Similarly, he will also possibly change the environment on the Mars too. When he had changed the course of the rivers, mad way into the impregnable mountains and cleaned hazardous forests he has the capacity to alter whatever comes into the way posing danger to his existence.