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And THEY caught OUR Boy

09, Aug 2015 By shambunashipudi

Jammu and Kashmir Police today ‘claimed’ that terrorists involved in Fidayeen attack on a convoy were trained and backed by Pakistan’s ISI and they have caught alive one of the militants Mohammed Naved Qasim Khan Usman alive. Mainstream and Social media was abuzz with activity after the news broke and here are the excerpts views:

Report from NDTV: Breaking News about captured Pakistani Terrorist. The Terrorist says, “I came to kill Hindus Indians” and he was dressed in a dark blue light Orange shirt & brown trousers shorts. He also alleged that Kashmiris & Muslims in Gujarat were being killed all the time by Kafir Indians Hindus.

Report from Time of India: 20-16 year old terrorist caught alive in J&K. In other news, Human Right activists want to raise the age bar for Juvenile acts from 16 to 24.

And never to forget, heart wrenching headline from our very own Indian Express in bold letters and font colors with deep meaning: And THEY caught OUR Usman!

Rajdeep Sardesai, had just one question to Usman in an email interview with Usman: Is Usman in India to redeem for Gujarat riots of 2002 and Modi’s involvement?

Spokesperson of AAP said, the encounter was fake and the party will demand probe, if elected again in 2019. Kejriwal, the party convener, has already declared Usman will either fight elections on AAP ticket either from Faisalabad in Pakistan (resident as claimed by Media) or Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur (where he was allegedly caught).

The news and day isn’t complete, if we don’t get to hear from Bollywood. Mahesh Bhatt, the secular voice of Bollywood and owner of Jism and Raaz franchises has offered role to Usman in his next installment of Jism, just as mark of protest against totalitarian Government.

Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy in a terse statement said, Gandhians with a Gun? In fact ‘Big money’ is backing Modi to end genuine people resistance” during book launch of ‘Modi, the Beginning of End of Fascist Hindu Govt’.

Pakistan Govt has already issued statement about Usman not being their citizen at all, as a matter of fact, they delete all records of their trained soldiers once they graduate from ISI training camp in PoK Azad Kashmir and cross over to IOK (India Occupied Kashmir).

In Faisalabad, Usman’s father has claimed and denied, Usman is his son but requested Indian Govt to release Usman on Humanitarian grounds as his son Usman had just ventured across border to kill Hindus Indians for practice as his real targets are Americans and Jews.