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An analysis on PM 's Etiquettes, Attire and Speeches by Fashion Critics and Mathematicians being on Editorial Board

16, Apr 2015 By khakshar

Mumbai: An attempted satire on attire by a self acclaimed  famous columnists about PM’s shawl failed to raise eyebrows except from two of her kind.

“Damier Ebene Canvas pattern Shawl from Louis Vuitton Collection! ” was the original message. It was left to another fellow self acclaimed “Columnist with Class” to build on. The second lady as always has a piece of advice on anything under the sky, ranging from preference of colors worn, places visited and now the attire of the Prime Minister. “Showcasing an Indian handloom would have been even better! “, a male version of self-acclamation too jumped the bang down.

mathematicians for the  expansion of (a + b)2
mathematicians for the expansion of (a + b)2

The shawl was  finally found to be made by an Indian company. By the time the trio had exhausted their cannons to connect the manufacturer’s closeness to the PM.

The editors of the news papers push their columns are worrying a lot. After much deliberation the editors have chosen to attach fashion critics with the trio. Putting their columns on Page 3 was also debated. The trio whose columns rarely crosses the boundaries of Lutyens’ or the ASAP middle class (ASAP-As Soon As Possible) are excited . They can now distinguish Gucci, Armani , Slowear/Incotex ,Tod’s or Canali.

The leader of the pack  who has vowed not to cover PM’s frequent foreign trips has meanwhile decoded the missing “a square” and “b square” in PM’s speech at Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto. His love of immigrants has forced him to equate “a square” to Vancouver Sardars and “b sqaure” as Kanneda. Meanwhile  The Trio along with a Talented Sharma (not to be confused with Rohit Sharma) have asked editors to hire