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Aged actors' sheen stay strictly

12, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whether it is Anil Kapoor or Akshay Kumar, both the mature actors agree of living a simple and tension free life. What definitely pays them is the film’s story ultimately. Their looks matter half of the performance they give to the movie. When the screened films do not fare well in the cinema halls, we begin to say of the sudden drop owing to the dwindling middle-aged charm. Although Akshay Kumar is not as old as Anil Kapoor yet both of them accept no science behind ageless looks. Anil Kapoor’s reel image is still appreciated. He is yet not hopeless as his belief in instant success has seldom dominated him.

How could he stand behind the lustre of his son or daughter on the screen? Although his fans following have not gone down abruptly his acting appears unimpressive. If the comedy film Mubarakan is entertaining the viewers. His acting level has not lost its sheen comparatively. He laid stress on acting not on character. He avoided the role of a conventional hero. Like him, Akshay Kumar also brings three or four movies with meaningful contents in a year. Both of them were honest in accepting that they do not apply any rigid formula for their youthfulness in the Baba Ramdev’s epoch. Akshay Kumar cleared that he joined the films because of his attitude.

Anil Kapoor’s film acting career continues since the past about forty long years. About his sparkle, energy and liveliness once director/actor Karan Jauhar asked him what kind of special potion he used to apply for being youthful? At that time he also had not revealed anything particular. He looks amazing for his remarkable age. His ‘be positive’ dialogue seemed to have stuck with him. He regards credit of a film’s success goes to the team. He is visibly a man of fair mind, fiercely expressive yet with a high-quality empathy; confrontational, but only when considered himself not working, prone to feel dispirited yet not wary of the human motives.