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After Times Now failed to break a fresh expose last week, BJP asks for the resignation of Arnab

06, Jul 2015 By Ajish Mohan

The BJP held a surprise press conference today, alleging times now of inaction. BJP star spokesperson Sambit Patra lashed out at Arnab saying, “Arnab has failed the entire nation. He keeps on saying, ‘watch the space for more on Lalit gate.’ One week has passed by and he couldn’t come up with a scandal against other ministers. We have got bored defending the same two ministers. Arnab should resign immediately.”

When asked ‘what will the BJP do if more ministers’ name emerges’, Sambit responded, “We have made clean chits in the name of every minister, as soon as any name appears we will pass it on to them. But if Arnab doesn’t do his job, what will we do with those clean chits.“

Arnab Goswami
How can you demand my resignation, the nation wants to know!

The BJP spokespersons association had high hopes of Arnab. If times now fails to come up with a fresh expose in the next week as well, they might stop hiring new spokespersons. “Arnab will be directly responsible for destroying the job opportunities of new spokespersons,” Sambit added.

The Times Now reporter was denied a mike inside the press conference with the fear that he might throw it at Sambit. But he couldn’t stop himself and he snatched the mike of the NDTV reporter. To everybody’s amusement the NDTV journalist’s mike was not working. Still, he didn’t pull himself back, he took the CNN IBN’s mike and said, “Did Raje ask you to make this demand? When is Raje resigning, sir?” Sambit got up and left the place while the times now journalist followed him till he reached his house and locked the door.

Interestingly, all the other parties also agreed to this demand, making it the first resignation demand in India, attaining full support from all the political parties. Congress, BJP and AAP finally found an issue in which they all were on the same page.

Congress spokesperson said, “it’s a very genuine demand and in the interest of the nation, but why are the spokespersons raising it, why isn’t Narendra Modi asking for the resignation of Arnab. Why is he silent? Is he afraid of Arnab? This is a textbook example of maunmodi (off the record: when you print put hashtag before maunmodi).”

Sushma Swaraj was the first to respond in a tweet, “Now my good friend Navika will get to become the chief editor. So happy for you. #YoNavikaSoHonest.”

Sanjay Jha, a victim of Arnab attacks had a small advice for Sambit. He tweeted, “Whatever you might do, never hurt the ego of Arnab. He can bark and bite at the same time. #NostalgicVadraDays.”

Times now might come up with an AAP like ad showing how the common man’s life has changed since Arnab started The Newshour, to restore the faith of the people. Everybody said and wrote whatever they wanted to, now all are waiting for The Newshour, to hear the verdict.