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After Modi, Sagarika targets Nagaraj

13, Apr 2015 By Main Mowgli

Sagarika attacks Nagaraj choice of brand
Sagarika attacks Nagaraj for his choice of Underwear brand

New Delhi: Late in the evening, Sagarika targeted Nagaraj for sporting an underwear from the stable of a popular international brand. She tweeted, “@Nagaraj is making a Fashion statement sporting Jokey underwear.”

She seemed unhappy at the choice of brand used by a National Hero. In her future tweets, she continued her attack on Nagaraj, questioning his commitment to Make-In-India campaign by choosing a foreign brand over several Indian options.

Twitteratti didn’t take her gesture too kindly and attacked her for choosing to comment on something so personal as the choice of underwear.

Jokey Industries was quick to issue a statement that the underwear in question was not their product. Sagarika has since accepted the mistake, learning a valuable lesson, Not every pink underwear is Jokey.