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After Maggi, several news channels found to have poisonous ingredients in their content; to be banned

05, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Several tests done by experts across India in past few months have revealed extremely poisonous content being served by some of the “lead”ing news channels on daily basis. Especially the news presentations which have opinions disguised as facts and facts dismissed as opinions have been identified as one of the most harmful contents served to consumers during prime-time. Consequently viewers have demanded government to ban these news channels so that otherwise unaware consumers could avoid consuming their harmful products.

More bans to follow
More bans to follow

Leading consumer rights activist Shipra Joglekar listed 6 most harmful chemicals ingredients commonly found in the content which several news channels are serving to consumers everyday:

1) Chu*ium Sulphate: Rouge News channels consider viewers as Ch****a (gullible) audiences hence they tend to mold opinions into facts and reject clean facts as opinions to suit their revenue streams.

Permissible limits for this ingredient in a content servings is zero but this ingredient is found in very high concentration in TV presentations, Facebook posts and Twitter statuses posted by some News Channels. W.H.O. has expressed serious health concerns among masses in India owing to high concentration of this element in main stream and social media presentations.

2) Sensational Sodium (Overdose) – During the times of relative quiet and calm, weekly revenues sharply collapse for some of the news channels as there is nothing available to sensationalize. During those times if some news channels stumble upon even one small news about a celebrity, they start overdosing the viewers with that particular news, hour after hour for days.

Right at 5 AM they keep reporters stationed outside the celebrity’s bathroom and toilet to start their early morning coverage. They cover each and every step taken by the celebrity and over-fill the hourly slots with these minute but futile details.

“Celeb just coughed”, “Oh he just waved to the crowd”, “He just hugged his gardener” etc. are few urgent updates shown under BREAKING NEWS.

3) Brand-building Botox: If a politician/celebrity is found to be on the wrong side of the law, it becomes very tough for some of the news channels to sell him positively to masses. But to avoid any hit on their own revenue-streams these channels create detailed brand building television programs which focus on that particular celeb, right from the childhood to his manhood.

They also clearly state that a celebrity cannot be wrong because he respects his parents, a fact which is evident from his extremely positive black and white “hero” roles in blockbuster movies.

4) Panel “Potassium” Debates – High quantity of potassium is closely linked to high blood pressure, in the same way watching a lot of low-quality panel debates has also been closely linked to high blood pressure in audiences. Inviting fiction-writers in panel debates on education, inviting singers in panel debates over hit-and-run cases and inviting well-rehearsed party spokesmen in almost all debates is a norm now a days.

Watching these panel debates has been linked to rising cases of leukemia among the masses. Many social media users have occasionally expressed this condition by writing “Your panel debate just gave me cancer.” on their Facebook and twitter timelines.

5) Absurd “Asbestos” News: Asbestos is clinically proven to be a lethal chemical for humans. Both not as lethal as absurd news. Some examples of absurd news that has given sleepless nights to viewers are: “Do aliens abduct cows?”, “Why two tigers have fallen in love with the same tigress?”, “Why did Amitabh Sneeze, was that an alien attack?”, “Who is the owner of red underwear found in a busy New York street?” etc..

While such kind of news are the only reason we see “News & Entertainment” as combined section in some of the DTH menus, these news too have been deemed hazardous by experts. Excessive consumption of this ingredient has been known to make viewers delusional and consumption over a long period of time can drive people to schizophrenia.

6) Be-sharam Benzene: Last but not the least after presenting wrong facts, unverified reports and convoluted baseless analysis when some of the news presenters are confronted with true facts and figures they get abusive and start name-calling. Instead of apologizing for their incorrect reporting they get bitter and violent towards the people stating facts. One journo took it to entirely different level when he was broadcasted doing Kung Fu fighting on the streets, after he was corrected with facts.

“Statement Broadcasting & Entertainment Network” (SBEN-TV) is one of the prime-time news and entertainment channel which is currently being accused of serving such chemically adulterated content. Mr. Jagdeesh Barjatiya, Senior Vice President, SBEN-TV issued a statement in the regard and said – “In today’s date I believe it is 100% true fact that 0% of the news channels in India are corrupt. And that, I believe is not a very high number. So I think we all can breathe easy on this.”As usual Mr. Barjatiya did not apologize later for the incorrect statistic he reported.