Saturday, 24th February, 2018

After Lok Pal, here comes Poll Pal

27, Feb 2014 By mbineet

After the deadly sting on opinion polls by TV channel news express, a demand for a Poll Pal Bill has captured the imagination of the TV viewers of this country.

Recent movement on Lok Pal bill has boosted the confidence of TVzens And now they are all eyes and ears for a Poll Pal show.

“They first loot you, then they shoot you with misinformation, then feed you paid news. Now they are after your opinion. They have poisoned the opinion polls too. They are making democracy a fekocracy“, said a faking news reader.

Meanwhile AAP has decided to take up this issue keeping an eye on the coming election. Ex TV anchor and AAP leader Ashutosh has tweeted, “India needs Pole Pall. Join me at a really in Jantarmanter (SICK).”

Various TV anchors have gone mute on this issue. Arnab Goswami wrote to us, “It is not important to know who pays for which poll or who manipulates what. What the nation wants to know is who said what to whom twenty-thirty years ago ?”

A blogger named Polkhol Bhartiya has asked for a Poll Pal bill before this May, otherwise, he says that he will sit for a fast for forty five days.