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After liberal newspaper calls group vandalizing Victorian statues "swadeshi taliban", it calls Independence day celebrations Xenophobic

11, Aug 2014 By rishi123

After a recent report in a popular Newspaper compared a group that vandalized Victorian statues to Taliban, the Liberals have termed the Independence Day celebrations as Xenophobic. One of the foremost Liberals of our country Sri Meinbasunka Sevak opined on his blog thus:

“We, as a country must grow beyond such narrow minded celebrations such as Independence Day. It reeks of narrow Jingoism and is Xenophobic. It is against the idea of India as a modern country. We must not try to shake the strong hold that the British had, over our minds. By doing so, we are going back to the dark ages where we do not speak English and where we can call this country as Bharat which is totally alien to the modern world. It will give rise to such Swadeshi Talibans that try to tarnish the grandeur of the Great Victorian Era that was marked by the English educating us and bringing us out of the dark ages.”

Modernist, Liberalist and Congress leader, Digvijay Singh reacted to this by saying, ” This is certainly the ploy of the Saffron brigade. They are jealous of us because the British were in goods terms with Congress party and Saffron brigade was kept out of the System. We dealt with the British in a very civil manner, just like we would have dealt with Hafees Sayeedji, and Osamaji and Sri Dawood Ibrahim. After defeating us in the Elections by dividing the country, they are now dividing the world by hurting British sentiments. Typical of the Saffrons.”

After one of the journalists asked him what the hell he meant, he said that, “Surely you are from the RSS. I knew it. Only such people can ask such a question.”