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After Diwali cracker lets ban NewsHour: Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Nation reacts

18, Oct 2014 By gandu123

Harsh Vardhan
“Lets ban”

It becomes clear that Dr. Harsh Vardhan is adamant to stop any kind of noise when he prescribed Delhi a noise free Diwali amidst the fear of trolls all over the internet. But as we know nothing can stop someone brave with good intention, today Dr. Vardhan raised his voice against News Hour and other news debate show in the parliament. He wants to put ban on these shows or at least some kind of noise control.

Considering the fact that most of these shows run even after 10 pm at night, by existing laws we can put ban on them, Dr. Vardhan argued.
Surprisingly most of the congress MPs support this move by Dr. Vardhan while CPI(M) leaders are strongly against this action. Our media expert Mr. Shoreman commented that congress is seriously lacking spokesperson who can argue (read shout) on debate show whereas CPI(M) exists only in these debate shows apart from JNU.
However it is not sure whether the Govt. will approve this kind of action proposed by Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Government is already concerned over the amount of protest by Dr.(?) Momota Banerjee, the cheap minister of West Bengal, who is very much concerned over the (possible) strict ban on Diwali crackers. She earlier told in a press conference that the families of a good number of the minority community of Bengal are supported by making crackers (like hand grenade, ‘peto’ bomb etc) for Diwali and other occasion (like killing evil communal forces). Their life is already on a verge after NIA’s action in Bengal.
On the other hand Mr. Arnub Goswami vowed that nation wants to get a good hashtag for twitter to troll Dr. Vardhan for his bizarre decision.