Friday, 27th April, 2018

Adults need passport fee discount

24, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Sixty-plus elders and below eight children will now get ten percent discount on the passport fee. It meant that the older and little ones are more in need of this essential document rather than the young mature gentry. The older people often avoid travelling owing to their knee joints pain and related ailments while the children show complete distaste towards air tour without their parents. Then the real purpose of the fresh discount turns out to be a populist scheme.

The robust and intelligent people are often resorting to air journey for different purposes. They need more attention comparatively in present-day circumstances. It is they who stay in the morning at Dubai, stop for lunch in Brunei and finish dinner in India. So the hectic journeys they undertake seven days a week essentially require attention. If they were given the concession, it could prove to be a more productive step. In case a grown-up businessman travels throughout the Asian countries he must obtain enough dealing thereby bringing enough foreign currency to the country.

Lowering of passport fee for them would attract them towards acquiring the passport copy easily. If the maximum number of adults will possess the travel document they will work on fresh marketing ideas. If more and more adults remain on foreign tours the chance of population surge will come down. Enhanced air journey will obstruct them to live together with their wives and thus country’s population will hardly go upwards. Our welfare government needs to think in this direction for national interest. At least the unemployed adults should take at least three rounds of foreign trips either for jobs or business. Once they secure their purpose their travel will not stop. So, it is the pressing requirement to ponder over offering passport fee concession to the adults.