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Achet Bhagat to write Four Point Someone

12, Jul 2015 By kumudsingh

Mumbai: It is being said that Achet Bhagat, close friend and adviser of author of the book Five point someone, could write another book called Four point someone in order to prevent mass expulsion of students from engineering colleges throughout the country.

From 5 point someone to Four point someone
From 5 point someone to Four point someone

It so happened that there is a rumor that all institutes would follow IIT Roorkee’s decision of expelling students not performing well in first semester. Ms. Rajlaxmi who went to different national and regional colleges sensed the tension prevailing among students and shared the report.

First year students of most of the colleges are troubled and are feeling insecure. A student was bold enough to share her feelings saying that it’s the first time she is away from her home and parents and that has caused lot of psychological problems. She has been an outstanding student so far but the first semester really went by too bad and now she is in a fear of being thrown out of the college.

Student council of “Chalo Engineer bane” college urgently called for a meeting following the news of students being expelled. They had a brainstorming session that lasted for 10 hours continuously. The agenda was what might have triggered management of Roorkee to set up the CGPA limit of 5.

They have not considered even 4.75, meaning they very much wanted the students to be five point someone. A student then exclaimed that the limit might be set because of the book Five point someone. The book is written in a tone concluding that even if someone would not be serious with studies could score five point something. This could have made management believe that the students scoring lesser were not even serious in the exam hall.

Students could not meet the author of the book and hence met a close friend, Achet Bhagat who is considering the students’ plea to write another book four point someone. He confided that he too was worried about the students’ situation and would make efforts to help them.