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ABP news to enter Guinness Book of World Records for showing the same news clip 'a billion times'!

02, Dec 2014 By itsmesagar

New Delhi. Guinness Book of world records has announced that ‘ABP news’ has broken the world record of showing the same news clip again and again. Earlier, this record was in the name of ‘Al Qaeda news’ which had broadcast the news of World Trade Centre crash for 10 million times.

After this was announced, a wave of happiness spread in the news channel. After having an all night booze and dance party with its script writers, news financers and actors, the chief editor announced a day off to all of them. Earlier know as the ‘Telebrands network’, ABP channel is now reaching a new height every day.

While talking with the correspondent of Faking news, the chief editor said “ABP news stands for A Billion People’s news. We have decided to dedicate each news clipping to a person of India. And that was our motivation! (Banging table) We are waiting for that auspicious moment when we will rename our news channel as A Trillion People’s news (ATP news).”

He added, “Our tagline is ‘Aapko rakhe aagey‘ which is actually a short version of ‘Aapko rakhe aagey jab public joote maarey‘ and its so apt to what we do. We keep repeating the same news clip again and again without giving a clue to the people why we are doing that or why that news clip is important.”

On being asked their journalistic values, he said, “We have a single sentence value – “News clip dikha aur dariya me daal.” Only by forgetting whether we have shown this clip before or not, we are able to achieve this feat today.”