Thursday, 26th April, 2018

AAP now demands Supreme Court to be replaced by AAP’s internal Lokpal after demanding scrapping of EVMs

16, Mar 2017 By chachachaudhary

Recently Aam Aadmi Party Supremo Arvind Kejriwal demanded that for the upcoming MCD elections in New Delhi, Electronic Voting Machines should be replaced by ballot papers. Although Election commission has rejected this demand, still AAP is adamant on it. Faking news reporter Bonobos (BB) interviewed the AAP spokesperson Ashish Khetan (AK).

BB: Ashish Ji your party did not question EVMs when your party won 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi Assembly elections.

Aashish Khetan after announcing MCD election to be held through ballet papers
Aashish Khetan after announcing MCD election to be held through ballot papers

AK: But since we won at that time, it was not rigged. It was the decision of Delhi voters to give us 67 seats to have some world class entertainment. Look we have fully succeeded in that part. There is no chief minister in Delhi’s political history apart from Sri Sri Sri Kejriwal ji who has entertained the entire nation so much. Look at the number of times he has kept the media busy and created controversies, look at the number of film reviews he has done, look at the days he was outside Delhi making absurd claims in Punjab and Goa. But don’t worry we will do the same in Gujarat. And mind well I am telling in advance that EVMs would be rigged at that time as well.

BB: Isn’t your demand of replacing EVMs with ballot papers an absurd demand as ballot paper is an obsolete method of counting votes?

AK: If AAP is making any demands, it is bound to be absurd. We are also thinking on making demands about scrapping the entire election process and consider the election results on the basis of AAP’s internal survey. If our internal survey were considered as results, we were making a clean sweep in Goa and Punjab. But we know everybody is hand in glove with Modi so this demand of replacing elections with AAP’s internal survey would not be entertained.

BB: Suppose your this demand is met then what would be your Party’s next demand after that?

AK: We would like supreme court to be replaced with AAP’s internal lokpal. AAP’s lokpal does the justice much faster than the supreme court.You are forgetting the past, didn’t you see how fast we declared justice in every case be it acquitting Jeetendra Tomar or convicting Yogendra Yadav.?

BB: Can you throw some light on the condition of your earlier launched schemes now like corruption helpline, CCTV cameras, free Wifi, appointing Lokpal in Delhi, opening schools and colleges and all that?

AK: Look presently we are busy blaming EVMs, later on we will focus on Gujarat elections then we will be busy in blaming EVMs again so you can understand that presently we don’t have any time in looking after Delhi. These all points we will include in the manifesto again. In any case we will start blaming Modi again after we are tired of blaming EVMs.