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Aap Ki Adalat crowd borrowed from Comedy Nights with Kapil

20, Apr 2014 By Lunatic509

“We were in for an hour of entertainment and were willing to laugh at the lame jokes of the host and the star guest, believe me, that’s what we got”, said a jubilant member of the crowd who were misled to Aap Ki Adalat’s latest NaMo interview instead of Comedy Nights with Kapil.

While Kapil Sharma invites actors before the release of their films, Rajat Sharma invites actors cum politicians before the release of the greatest Indian show, the election. Both shows have similar structure and similar target audience who want an hour of mindless entertainment.

Rajat had earlier tried to make his show a low budget Devil’s Advocate and had floored AK-49 with his machine gun bullets. Knowing very well that his tactic won’t work on NaMo, he became a mild Alok Nath from a fiery Karan Thapar.

While the audience was initially irked by coming to the wrong show, they had no problems adjusting to the new scenario. They didn’t even need Siddhu’s cheer leading to burst into loud guffaws at each jokes or gesticulation of the star guest and made it an interactive show by responding to each questions and gestures of NaMo with such spontaneous choreography which will put New York flashmob to shame.

Overjoyed with the success of the show the director wanted to give it a new title Aap Ki Ibadat but to avoid any connection with Congress’s B team AAP, they have decided to name it Baap Ki Ibadat. Watching the unparalleled honesty of Rajat, there were tears rolling down the bearded cheeks of Punya Prasun Bajpaee, and words of sheer admiration escaped his mouth, “Krantikari, Bahut hi Krantikari.”