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6 month atonement formula for 10 popular crimes

24, Nov 2013 By MRP

In a seminar conducted jointly by the government and the media, a panel comprising of legal experts, psychologists and the ex-chief of a popular investigative media house known for its exposes, have recommended ways of atonement for certain crimes that are popular in India.

Tarun Tejpal
Tejpal paved the path for the change.

Bribe taking – don’t take cash for six months, take post dated cheques instead

Bribe giving – take bribe instead, for six months

Dowry harassment – don’t ask for dowry for six months, let it earn interest till then

Illegal construction – don’t apply for regularization for six months

Traffic signal jumping – take a different route (with or without signals) for six months

Stealing office supplies – take medical leave for six months quoting kleptomania.

Eve teasing – dress and behave like women for six months

Ticketless travel – buy tickets for six months

Copying in exams – don’t take any exams for six months

Medical negligence – don’t take medicine for six months.

The above steps, the panel has warned, should be taken only if the crime becomes public or is likely to become public and strictly not otherwise. In a suo moto action, the seminar also came up with suggestions for a few special crimes practised by the elite, the high profiled or the select few –

Coal scam – don’t use coal for six months

2G scam – don’t use your own mobile phone for six months or use 3G or 4G only

Manhandling toll booth personnel – don’t stop at toll booths for six months

Cricket max fixing – don’t tuck towel into trouser for six months

Fera/Fema violation – stay outside the country (in the country of choice) for six months.

Misbehaving in an elevator – take the stairs for six months. (The media house ex-chief, a member on the panel, recused himself from the discussion on this particular point.)