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Zombie riots kill 15 zombies in Goa, zombie hunters deployed

10, Sep 2013 By idiot420

GOA: At least 15 zombies were killed in GOA as violence erupted between two zombie camps, after which curfew has been imposed and zombie hunters deployed in area.

Zombies participating in zombie walk.
Zombies participating in zombie walk.

Reportedly two groups of zombies, one SRK fans and other Salman fans, clashed during a zombie walk organized by an NGO named ‘Zombie Care’ on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Zombie Care organizes this race every year for orphan and homeless zombies as an attempt to bring them to mainstream of society.

“Everything was going peaceful. Lumbering and tumbling cute zombies were moving silently toward finish line, and all of a sudden few of them started pulling back each other in order to come first,” told an NGO volunteer recounting horror of the incident, “It all started from there, after that whole event turned ugly and we ran away to save our lives.”

“Inspired from their human counterpart, they have also turned into fanatics from simple fans. You can always find photos of SRK or Salman in their pockets,” he added.

If sources are to be believed, Salman supporter zombies have strong support of a local political outfit,’Human Zombie Ekta Manch’.

“For political parties, zombies are also like a vote bank. As they are already dead, so concept of religion is irrelevant to them. So the second most close sentiment to exploit is their fanaticism for Salman and SRK,” explained R.K Sharma, a vote-bank-politics expert.

“To get extra votes, they have even arranged voter id cards for zombies, yes even they vote. We can’t reject possibility of political conspiracy behind riots,” added R.K Sharma.

Bhupesh Yadav, a senior leader of ‘Human Zombie Ekta Manch’ tried to broker peace between both the groups.

He was spotted dressed up and walking like zombies with a group of Salman supporter zombies. But what caught media’s attention is Salman style turquoise bracelet on Bhupesh’s right wrist.

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