Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Zombie cells in brains of people spending 500 bucks on single ticket of useless Bollywood movies

27, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

MUMBAI– They are ready to pay with their blood the price of a multiplex ticket when their children cry for milk at home. All to see their 5 feet something stars make wooden faces, do pelvic moves on copied tunes and desi directors make burta of 9 Hollywood movies to squeeze out 180 min of nonsense Bollywood masala.

Their screams outshine locomotive whistle appreciating their near fifty steroid- infested transplanted hair d*** head hero hits with no effort scores of men double his size. How? American Institute for Logical Sciences has the answer.

A researcher at the Institute while talking to faking news shared with us some critical points of the research. ‘We were perplexed with this abnormal behavior of Indian masses. How could they bear, afford and tolerate such level of movies. How could they pay for what would equate for torture in the civilised world? Then we researched on some brains of bollywood fans. We took half dozen each of shahrukh salman and amir fans. Our wonder knew no thunder when we discovered zombie cells in brains of all these fans. And now we are certain that these strains of zombie cells in brains of a large sections of Indian masses magnetically attracts them to these movies because to these cells it feels like at home with these dead movies. It is scary right now but we hope that solution will be found,’dr dolittle More enlightened us.