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Youth shows patriotism, likes all Narendra Modi posts on Facebook

17, Aug 2013 By abhik91

What seemed to be an overwhelming show of sheer patriotism and love towards the country, A 22 year, student from Presidency College, Kolkata, has liked each and every post concerning Narendra Modi, to show his support towards the progress and development of this country.

“I had to do it. When people like our prime minister are speaking golden words of patriotism like ‘Theek Hai’, to pacify the ever increasing chaos in this country, I also felt the need to do my part,” The boy spoke, grinning and displaying his yellow teeth.

When faking news reporter tried to investigate the truth behind it, he was shocked to realize that indeed, this boy had achieved the zenith of patriotism. He is reported to be a die hard Narendra Modi fan as he is from Gujarat. “My shona laabh (love) sooeets (sweets). And gujoratis (gujaratis) eat tooo (too) sooeet foood (food).” His mother explained his fondness for Narendra Modi.

But the thing which still remains a suspense is when everybody out there is going to their respective schools and colleges and are busy in their respective studies, then how did he manage to do it? The boy’s father had the answer for this ambiguity. “Most of the time, the colleges are closed. Either there is a bandh called by our Momota di, or the CPM. So he used all the time meticulously by spending it on facebook and showed the real man inside him to the world,” His father told the Faking News.

“When Modi ji said ‘Yes, we can’, I finally found the zeal inside me to take bath after fifteen days,” The boy made a proud confession at last. “Such is the power of him. He inspires me so much. Jai Hind.”