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Youth Congress workers beat up "striking workers at Chakan"

24, Jul 2013 By prabhanjan

In an apparent bid to impress their Congress Youth leader Rahul Gandhi, in lieu of the memory of Rajiv Gandhi, the congress youth workers have beaten up the striking workers at the Chakan factory. The main contention of the youth congress workers has been that Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have been two important pillars of the Indian country, right from the freedom movement to the modern economic times. In such an important case, it is only imperative that the Bajaj Auto managed by Rahul Bajaj (father) and Rajiv Bajaj (son), note the name reversals in Bajaj family against the Gandhi family, be aptly supported by the UPA government and the Congress party. Another valid point of the youth congress party has been that the Bajaj’s factory venue of Chakan so much symbolizes the Gandhi “Chakra”, they are slightly confused whether the Chakra has been Rajiv Gandhi’s or Rahul Gandhi’s invention, a symbol of nonviolence and truth.

In the meanwhile Rajiv Bajaj believes that there must be some truth behind the actions of the youth party workers. He also suspects that RSS may indeed have a role behind all this mess as they have already supported his rival Tata’s who in turn are supported by the communal Modi at Gujrat’s Sanad industrial area for the Tata Nano plant. It is interesting to note that Tatas and Maruti are strongly opposing the gateway for RE60 project of Bajaj which has the potential to dwarf Nano’s sales.

It is suspected that the workers at the Chakra plant, sorry Chakan plant, have been deliberately provoked and instigated by RSS to protest against the Bajaj Rajivs and Rahuls simply because of the name commonality with the Gandhi family. Digvijaya Singh has confirmed it from his sources that this anti-Gandhi stand of BJP/RSS is the real reason for the confronting workers at the otherwise peaceful and nonviolent Chakra plant. Digvijaya Singh has also alleged that the Rahul Chakra is being converted into Sudarshana Chakra by RSS for communal gains and that such attempts are being rightly thwarted by the youth congress party led by Rahul Gandhi.

The Sharad Pawar led NCP-party is a catch-22 situation. They had indirectly supported Rahul Bajaj’s Rajya Sabha candidature against the official Congress party candidate. NCP is tight-lipped over the developments as they are fast losing the hold over Marathi manus. For some similar reasons, the generally worker friendly political communist partys CPI/CPM are also silent over the actions of Congress Youth party beating up striking workers. Mamta Banerjee, of course, has strongly condemned the communal actions of RSS/BJP and also criticized the anti-poor stand of the Congress party. She was joined by Nitish Kumar and Mulayam Singh in the background.