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IT youth borrowing lighter under Coma

26, Sep 2016 By Venkatakrishnan Parthasarathy

Bangalore. An IT youth who went in for a break had the shock of his life. He having missed his cigarette lighter at home borrowed from his friend who offered him his new electronic gadget. While trying to switch on the device, the youth screamed and fell unconscious. The IT firm clarified that it was not due to any delivery deadlines and suspect foul play. “We heard a loud bang and smoke was everywhere”.

Police have arrested and taken his friend to custody. The spokesperson for police assured they are very close to cracking the truth. Police have admitted the victim in GH. The boy’s father on an interview to FN mentioned his son is very brave and was an athlete who won many medals in adventure sports.

The sniffer dogs have been pressed into action and the bomb squad mentioned they found glass particles around the spot.

Doctors have confirmed the youth is still critical. “We can announce his health condition after 48 hours”. Though unconscious he seems to be blabbering something like Sam…” We do not understand what he tries to say. We have asked Facebook if he has a friend by name Sam” the ACP reported.

Later in the day unconfirmed reports say that his friend confessed. “He is my dear friend and I gave him my brand new Galaxy Note 7 accidentally instead of lighter. I never knew it can explode.”