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Youngster gets arrested for not posting Happy Mother’s Day on Facebook

10, May 2015 By rajeshchintamaneni

New Delhi: Reports are coming from all over the country that a young man, who didn’t post Happy Mother’s Day on his Facebook wall, was arrested by the local police.

Talking to the Faking News reporter, father of the 23 yr old student who got arrested, said, “Complaint was filed by his mom after getting continuous calls from our relatives inquiring why your son didn’t post on Facebook. Is he ok?”

Added the last time when she got Angry on our son was When he forgotten to bring the free Dhanya Pattha when returning from Sabjiwala.

In another incident, a 50 Yr old woman Jaya Dixit, who is working as Head of Finance Department in top Hotel at C.P., got hospitalized for becoming too emotional after receiving a gift from her son.

Talking to Faking News, she said, “We are very busy in our daily routine. Last time when we talked each other was when Delhi used to win in IPL. Even in his busy schedule he didn’t forget me to order gift. Even though it is Cash on Delivery, I liked it most. You know, it’s not about Money.”

Meanwhile PMO office got request in Twitter from Facebook head office to divert Indians from Mother’s Day to any other issue which keeps them to forward jokes and memes in WhatsApp, as it was creating burden to their servers by lots of Muahhhs and meaningless Hashtags.

Later PMO office shared this post with newly Created Officially Rahul Gandhi Account.