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Young India's 8 Cleanliness Challenges

04, Oct 2014 By sarthak

Anyone can carry a broom and clean the roads, but there are more severe cleanliness challenges which loom over the youths of the county. But with a long weekend and all bus, train and air tickets already booked, Indian youth is not going to sit silently. They are going to take up and complete the following 8 challenges-

1. Clean your FB friend list: Your friend list in nearing the 4 digit mark, but how many of them you actually know or talk to? Its time to go through your friend list, delete unwanted people and organize others in proper list. And yes, do the same for the n number of pages that you have liked on Facebook.

2. Clean up your seat at office: Why is it so that every time you need a paper urgently, you are unable to find it? Its not any jinx on you. Please spare 20 minutes for the bundle of papers lying on you seat and in your drawer. Its going to spare you from those 5 frantic minutes whenever your boss asks you for an important paper.

3. Clean you Almirah: Your mom has been asking you from ages. Its time to spare some time for your almirah. If not for cleanliness, then for that lost pen drive and for clothes you have forgotten about (and the money in their pocket!).

4. Clean your desktop: Do you know that that word file on desktop is actually your ticket for the travel you made 2 years ago? Please clean your desktop! A cleaner desktop is going to make you feel a lot better, trust me!

5. Clean your fats: Gym, morning walk, sports and yes, dieting!!

6. Clean your to-do list: Remember that tareekh pe tareek dialog of Sunny Deol? Stop postponing those work from this weekend to the next. Go, buy the stuff you have needing from months! Get yourself the haircut! Call up your friend! Get that gift for your father!

7. Clean your finances: Don’t wait for the March, just sit down and relax! See if your investments are giving returns as you expected. Are your taxes being taken care of? Half of the financial year is still remaining. You can tweak your  portfolio. May be its better to pay off the full amount of loan, instead of making new investments.

8. Clean your mind: Towards the office boy in the office, towards the kaamwali at home, towards the jhaaduwala in your locality and most importantly, towards the guy who cleans your toilet everyday. Respect them and their work!

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