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Yoga Day dispute settled by after Muslim clerics agree to “Sooraj Namaazkar"

18, Jun 2015 By MRP

New Delhi : In a flash of brilliance, a Muslim cleric has resolved the dispute surrounding the upcoming International Yoga Day, paving way for a smooth conduct of the event.

Ever since the government officially announced the International Yoga day and asked the citizens to celebrate it by performing Asanas and Surya Namaskar, controversies have dogged the event.

Surya Namaskar
Students practising Sooraj Namaazkar for International Yoga Day

While most people including Muslims were okay with Yoga, some were apprehensive about Surya Namaskar. A Muslim Cleric however provided clarification on the matter, and in the process confused both Hindus and Muslims, both of whom are now a happy lot.

“It is only now that it is called Surya Namaskar. It started as “Sooraj Namaazkar”, a call to Muslims for prayer – ‘namaaz kar’. Since the direction for prayer was related to the direction of sunrise and sunset, the word Sooraj was used. This has been there for millions of years and hence perfectly okay for Muslims to participate in the Yoga day if they so wish”, explained the cleric.

Muslims heaved a sigh of relief that their apprehension had been alleviated.

At the same time, Hindus felt happy that Muslims now have no objection to the celebration of Yoga day. Luckily, neither group verified (or were capable of verifying) facts. Muslims did not wonder how Sooraj Namaazkar could have been there millions of years ago when Islam itself is believed to have been founded relatively recently.

Hindus did not dispute the cleric’s suggestion that Surya Namaskar is a Muslim practice, though under a different name, as they were overwhelmed by the fact that all Indians could now celebrate Yoga Day.