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Yo Yo Honey Singh to contest against Digvijay Singh

16, Apr 2014 By nikcufawsome

Yo Yo Honey Singh is all set to challenge Digvijay Singh in a battle for “Talker of Trash” award.

Honey Singh
“Koi nahi mere aage”

Yo Yo feels he faces tough competition ahead of him, however Digvijay sounded confident, “I have been doing this all my life. Had I kept my mouth shut I would still be in active politics or at least taken seriously.”

The list of Judges include KRK, Raghu (MTV Roadies Fame), Sajid Khan (Who Remade Himatwala for some reason) , Shekhar Suman (No Introduction needed).

When nonstop-spokesperson Shekhar Suman was asked to comment on the contest, after talking to the media non-stop (of course) for about 180 minutes all our correspondent could decipher was that the contestants would be evaluated on 4 parameters. 1) Aptitude for Nonsense 2) Offensive Vocabulary 3) Creative bankruptcy 4) Consistency in sounding Obnoxious.

By the time Mr.Suman could announce the date of the event most media persons left complaining of a bleeding ears.

Suman later SMS’d each of them saying the initial rounds will be conducted on twitter the final show-down would be hosted by Karan Thapar who is desperate for some attention and in many ways is cheaper than Arnab.

Rakhi Sawant (last seen dressed as an elf in green chilly attire) said, “I have authorized Yo Yo to contest on my behalf, however if Yo Yo feels he is better than me; than Digvijay can contest on my behalf ; as you know I am busy with a new reality show called Elections 2014.”

P Chidambaram who was addressing a seminar on intellectual mental-masturbation said, “Yo Yo is a dangerous man to country made liquors as he drinks 4 bottles of vodka every day, DigV can talk trash without having to drink, So we already have a clear winner.”

Anu Malik too was quick to tweet “I am coaching Yo Yo on my trademark trying-to-Sound-smart-skills which I have mastered over the years and successfully failed”. He also uploaded a sound-clip of noises he made from his nostrils as background music to this tweet.

When Prime Minister MMS was asked to comment on the matter; he smirked and made a winking gestures suggesting “Read it in a book later”.

This landmark award is set to change nothing but emphasize the point that Music and Politics have been elevated to a point where everything can be justified as long as it delivers entertainment.