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Yale introduces a compulsory course ‘Reality 101 : What is an Academic Degree’ for temporary Interns

12, Aug 2014 By ajeeb

Smriti Irani, addressing a press conference

New Haven, CT: Aimed at providing quality education beyond Big names, the prestigious Yale University has announced a mandatory 6 days crash course for temporary interns. The course is designed to enlighten the interns about the intricacies of getting an academic degree.

“An academic degree, not so worth of making up a human but its relevance is undeniable, whosoever is involved with us should know the meaning of it and the minimum criteria of getting the same.” disclosed Dr. Peter Salovey.

“Working under a big banner for a short term might obtrude immense pleasure pressure, as a psychologist i can understand it,” Added Dr. Peter Salovey.

Graduate students have welcomed this decision of their parent institute. Teaching assistants are much pleased to be a part of this new movement.

“God, I am grabbing Degrees from the past 7-8 years. Now it is time to share the horrific experience,” quipped Mr. Pedegree Jones.