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WWE announces Arvind Kejriwal as its brand ambassador in India

18, Mar 2014 By siddhant

In an unprecedented development, which AAP supporters are purporting as global recognition for kejriwal, Arvind Kejriwal has been anounced as WWE brand ambassador in India

When asked about the motivation behind the development, Rajiv, the managing director of WWE India, replied ” Study of our viewer base clearly indicates we have strong following amongst Indian adolescents but older generations are not much interested in us. We were looking for someone who could expand our viewer base in slightly older population and we think Arvind Kejriwal is the right guy for us.”

Arvind Aam Aadmi Party
Arvind Kejriwal with his New Aam Aadmi army

On questioned why Arvind Kejriwal over any other celebrity such as a Bollywood Star, Rajiv explained, “We needed someone who can make people believe in certain things which may appear contrary to the obvious. For example take this match.”

Recently we noticed certain section of Indian corporates, irrespective of their background or intelligence, have started to believe in things which at normal times they may clearly perceive as totally absurd or illogical.

To start with people believing APJ Abdul kalam azad to be a right wing non secular activist when it was discovered that he once had praised Gujrat’s rural development model or “The Hindu” newspaper is a paid modi media house, when old report from the newspaper had claimed Gujrat’s decade of agriculture was a success.

Second, Millions of twitter users actually believing Arvind Kejriwal travelled in local trains because of he wanted to, instead of to attract media attention. Although it is obvious AAM aadmi travels in local train only because it is the only economically viable option available to him.

Third, Within a day several working class members started to believe that it is the communalism rather than corruption, that really has made Indian economy suffer. People spending hours to prove a viral video was fake even if there was no official statement from AAP office.

Last, Someone shopping for a Tomy Hilfiger Jeans from shopping mall at the same time debating how capitalism is curse and socialism can really save India.

If you ask how such things can possibly happen, there is only one reason — Arvind Kejriwal. So we strongly believe if Arvind Kejriwal, even once, appeals to AAM Aadmi that they shouldn’t watch cricket because it is governed by crony corrupt capitalists but watch WWE as it better represents AAM Aadmi,  we will can get millions of internet revolutionaries to successfully prove that WWE stage antics are spontaneous and not staged. So with Arvind Kejriwal on our side, the day is not far from when a section of  middle working class would firmly believe that the most truthful and honest thing to happen in the  world, of course after Arvind Kejriwal, is WWE.”