Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Workers centred on something plucky

09, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Years ago we heard of one famous actress tying the knot with a tree. That was as odder as an aanganwadi worker’s novel nuptial with the UP Chief Minister’s portrait in recently.

Though plainly a common woman yet the district president of the Mahila Aganwadi karmchari Sangh, Neetu Singh confidently walked down like a bride to the just right picture of the image. She also thought out a bit more to garland this vital figure.

It did not mean that she was completely smitten with the flinty picture. It was only her motivation. She unresistingly followed such a unique idea.

In her opinionated analysis, this novel notion looked solid design for drawing the state government’s direct attention towards the aanganwadi workers’ poor plight.

Their long pending actual problems compelled her to take recourse to such kind of method. She definitely selected something plucky that she along with her body’s members could secure justice at last.

The purpose it expected was something much more than just marrying with the picture. She said that this mock marriage will eventually benefit not only one family but a huge numeral of four lakh families.

It meant she had formulated this plan for a higher social supporting cause. It must be her feeling for the worried women. She appeared enthusiastic about the demand of the moment. Was she extremely convinced of her message reaching the chief minister?

She must have struggled inwardly for a gulp of lungful air at the tight spot she pushed herself into the newness.  She would have finally told herself to surrender to the anguish of awkward situation if any happens to befall her.

Standing before the image, she would have faced the rebel punching her against the inequality, discrimination and unfairness.

She was so exceptionally centred on the solution of the demands.