Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Women's Day comes to cry out

10, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Women love to believe that they are perceptively paying special attention to the women’s day once in a year. It feels to them they were assembling for extensive discussion on their femininity which leads their emotive feelings to travel from one woman to several others. It also gives them a sort of electrical beats rising and falling simultaneously into their very vociferous observations.

What we usually did not fail to find among them on this occasion was that they remain inundated with the thoughts for the women’s betterment. Alongside, their enormous vocabularies on the women’s welfare slide simply despite the existing incongruities. Sequences of fresh spark pass through them endlessly on an essential day.

In Spain, women remained on the centre of attention by eluding from work. In India what we commonly find was holding a talk on condition of women. What the West perceives at the back of women’s day is totally different from what we indigenously assume. If the learned and famed women sit to discuss on women’s empowerment, they end up blaming men for their obstacle to the goal of the emancipation.

However, they forget that they themselves maintained contemptuous glance looking into eyes of the illiterate and marginalised women. Do they ever allow them to give equal respect to them? No, never. Their main purpose revolves around obtaining vital information for their erudite arguments. Waiting for weeks or a complete whole year for the day’s arrival was definitely a craze.

One child quipped, why do women’s day not a men’s day? He appeared totally unaware of the idea behind the specific day. Taxing his mind he further pointed out that the day might have been originated because of their routine household works. Immediately adding that men also go to offices, he changed the course of his points