Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Women should follow Anna

27, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Women should take an inspiration from the agitating Anna Hazare in improving their bodily figure. They are naturally inclined towards beautiful shape. For it, they spend enough on their make up. Their fondness does not end until they attend certain beauty clinic. It gives them psychological satisfaction.

If a strong-willed social activist can carry on his indefinite fast at an old age, the fat women must not dislike shunning daily meals for reducing their extra fat. It has been several days since Anna Hazare has been on fast for the farmers’ causes. This has resulted in his weight loss up to a totality of four kilograms. Taking into view Anna’s resolve, the women annoyed with their flabby figure supposed to have concluded to shun food for reducing their needless body weight.

Famous for their inclination towards the slender and slim body, they leave no method to reduce their extra flabby weight. But all their best efforts go in vain as they miserably fail in attaining that shape which they generally imagine of. Their plump overweight does not lessen despite their frequent exercise truthfully. Their varied exercises in a practised familiarity leave no effect upon their fat control. They take a morning walk, attend even the gym, drink the black tea and exercise the yoga more often. What they discard was the approach towards abstinence from daily intake of greasy foods.

Abandoning of the oily food will find a miraculous change in their bodily shape. Leaving fatty food does not mean losing the strength but it will bring the desired shape of their bodies. How our social activist Anna Hazare lost his 4-Kg-weight in merely three days by his indefinite fast in Delhi need to be studied by the fat women. They should follow him at least twice a week. Results will be encouraging.