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Women celebrate Men's Day, give them beer and game CDs as gifts

08, Mar 2014 By manithan

Delhi: International Men’s Day which was originally celebrated on November 19 every year has been shifted front to February from this year, as per announcement by Indian Women Association(IWA). The press release by IWA stated that, “We want to prove the world that Men are always ahead of women everywhere. But, our Men’s day is celebrated eight months after Women’s day. So, we decided to push it before March 8 and we fixed it at February.

Woman celebrating Men's Day with her boyfriend (like every other day)
Woman celebrating Men’s Day with her boyfriend (like every other day)

Media, Politicians and Men across the country were shocked by this press meet. News channels were celebrating the women association for their magnanimity. A reporter was seen punching her hand in the air in a live news coverage and shouting, “See this, you idiots called Men. This is how women are forgiving. We forgive you for calling us fat when we aren’t. We forgive you for coming early before us. We forgive you for seeing that girl who looks yucky. And now, we are putting your celebrations ahead of us. “

Arnab Goswami immediately picked up this on Newshour, “Are the women organisations right in saying so?” and there were clashes between BJP and Congress over the issue of men empowerment, while AAP seat was shown empty for the entire show. Sanjay Jha said, “When Rahul Gandhi said about women empowerment, he actually meant Woo Men empowerment. He wanted to woo the empowerment of men in India”. When asked about the need for Men’s day, Aditi Sharma, a college student replied, “Men are rapists .. oops.. stalkers .. oops.. molesters .. go off”. Then she told our reporter that when the topic is about men, this is how they discuss in college, except when that guy is hot & sexy. Then after drinking a glass of water, she continued, “Men are the most loveliest creatures god ever made on Earth. I love my boyfriend so much. Let me put him on call now.” Then she ringed him and when he picked up after seven rings, she shouted, “You a##$ole, what the f*** are you doing? Why so much f***ing delay, you d!#$head?” and then cut the call. “So lovely, naughty boy!” she giggled and went away.

There were events in colleges where girls gifted beer bottles and game CDs to boys and they even sought permission from professors to let the guys play those games in Computer Labs and also booze at the same place.

Gowtham, a final year student looked perplexed, “What is this gift and permission all about? We download games free of cost via our labs wi-fi and play games while boozing all day here for the whole year. And they say this is some kind of celebration. Crap!” Our reporter later realised that Gowtham is a Mechanical engineering student, who used to sneak into computer lab everyday. But since he has no girl as friend, he hadn’t received any gift and that made him vent his anger in this way.

Apart from IT companies organizing events for men alone, Government also agreed upon the decision of Women’s association and arranged for “Gents only” buses, trains and movie shows. While those buses and trains ran empty, the movie shows were full, with the men hoping that they would show porn movies, since it is Men only show.

Historian Ramchandra Buha tweeted a series of tweets on fallacious nature of Women’s Day, “Women’s Day is actually Wu Men’s Day. Wu was chinese emperor who conquered whole of Asia (1/3)”, “His return to his kingdom’s capital was celebrated as Wu Men’s day, for the bravery of his men (2/3)”, “It later became Women’s Day and was used by feminists to celebrate it as their day (3/3)” . As usual, Right wing history experts claimed it as false history and chided Buha for being “Child of China” and commie with left inclinations.

But, nobody other than our reporter got to read the whole press release by the Indian Women Association. In that, they had mentioned it as, “…So, we decided to push it before March 8 and we fixed it at February. We hereby announce that Men’s Day will be celebrated on February 30 every year“.