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Woman gains 20 kgs, gives credit to Durga Maa

27, Sep 2014 By vish

A 31 year old woman gained 20 Kgs during the Navratra and gave all the credit to Duga Maa. According to the Faking Report News this woman prayed Durga Maa to help her gain some weight as she bought one size bigger for her new clothes by mistake. The real matter came into picture after reporters asked about her diet on “Fasts”.

The lady said that she wasn’t hungry at all during the nine days and hence just ate “Falaahaar”. A closed source described to media the Falaahaar as Crispy Chips with Sendha Namak, Boiled Potato with Sendha Namak, Sabudaana Kheer, some Kilo Fruits, Papads for snacks along with tea, fried nuts along with Sendha Namak and good supply of milk to gulp all in on per day basis.This was followed by a massive “Prasaad” of Haldiram’s Special Thali in the night.

The women is now happy and dedicated to fast for the next “Navratri” for which she has already finalized the menu to get “Maa’s” AASHIRVAAD. The lady also mentioned that she was so busy making and receiving all this prasad that she hardly got time to eat “Anaaj/Grains”.